2019 Edinburgh Fringe ─

Hoichi the Earless

Hoichi lives in a temple and plays the lute. She is also blind and haunted by the dead. When a Samurai invites her to play for his master, the abbot of the temple grows suspicious and summons a monk to follow her. Dark secrets become unveiled. This wonderfully suspenseful re-imagining of Japanese folklore, Kwaidan, fuses traditional Chinese Nanguan live music and songs with innovative storytelling and elegant physicality. The performance is accessible to all audiences, with the adapted text complemented with English and French surtitles.

1-10 Aug ​

C south (main theatre) venue 58

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2019 The 6th Urban Drama Festival (Shenzhen Wilderness of Soul 2.0



Adapted from Cao Yu’s Wilderness, Wilderness of Soul 2.0 is a multi-media solo mix of actor’s performance, live music and real-time recording. 


24 - 25 May 2019



Hoichi the Earless

A monk tells the tale of a blind musician being haunted.


Hoichi is a blind lute musician living in a temple.

One night while the abbot was out, a samurai come to invite Hoichi to play for his master.


The abbot is skeptical about Hoichi’s going out every night, so he sends a monk to tail her.

A secret is then unveiled.


Adapted from Kwaidan –Hoichi the Earless by Koizumi Yakumo, this is an aesthetic exploration integrating Nanguan music, storytelling, movement and space. Audience then go deep into their own vulnerability.

​20-29 July, 2018

Laurette Theatre, Avignon


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2017 10th Taipei Fringe─

Playing with Xi Xi


Theatre Ronin creates theatre performance from Hong Kong renowed writer Xi Xi’s work again after A Girl Like me, the performance idea is created from four texts of Mourn Over the Breasts and Poetry Collection of Xi Xi, which will be focus on three identities: Female, Patient and Teacher in search for their common values and develop to immersive imagery theatre, and audience will experience Xi Xi's fascinating words at short range.

  • Awarded “The best use of space” of the 10th Taipei Fringe Festival​​​

​26-27 Sep, 2017

Müller Salon, Taipei


By Dung Kai-Androgyny  Adapted from Nature 2016 Kuandu Arts Festival – Cheung (Re-run)



Contrastive imageries and concepts are taken from Androgyny – body and limbs, male and female, ying and yang, animals and plants, rural and urban – are interwoven to present as a dance music theatre through a dialogue between drama and dance.



21-23 Oct 2016


Experimental Theatre,

Taipei National University of the Arts






Selected Song

2016 11th International Performing Arts Festival Bahía Teatro

 Landscape In the Mist (4th Run)


Fourth-run based on the same-named production in 2014. Adapted from Shu Hong-sing’s short novel, “The Fog”.

15 Aug 2016

Teatro Municipal de Bahía Blanca




Review (in Spanish)


Silent Scream – Mother Courage & her Children on the Beach (Taipei)



A re-interpretation of Brecht’s Mother Courage and her Children, it is a performance created in the narrative space of ‘dumb girl’, the youngest daughter of Mother Courage, where the encounters of Mother Courage and the two brothers in the War is told bilingually – Cantonese and Mandarin – in the form of an environment theatre.


2 - 5 June 2016

Rice & Shine, Taipei




2015 Theatre Works of Outstanding Youth, Beijing: by Chan Koon Chung – 

Hong Kong Trilogy Adapted from  Sentimental K - chung (2nd Run)



A re-work of the three short novels in Chan Koon-chung’s Hong Kong Trilogy through a creative collage of “exotic” sounds, movement, and theatre entwined in texts, music, acoustics, dance and video images etc. The amazing mix endeavours to reflect on one’s self here-and-now by venturing into the past history of one’s own city. 


26 - 28 Nov 2015


Beijing Ju Space Theatre








2015 8th Taipei Fringe Festival

A Girl Like Me



A Girl like me is adapted from Hong Kong renowned writer Xixi’s novel of the same title. In telling the “love story” of a woman mortuary makeup artist, the work examines the position and freedom of women in a male dominant society.


30 Aug 2015


Thinkers' Theatre, Taipei




2015 The 2nd Urban Drama Festival (Shenzhen Wilderness of Soul 2.0



Adapted from Cao Yu’s Wilderness, Wilderness of Soul 2.0 is a multi-media solo mix of actor’s performance, live music and real-time recording. This performance has awarded “Most Popular Actress” of the 2nd City Festival, Shenzhen, China.


15 - 17 May 2015





2014 The 1st Urban Drama Festival (Shenzhen China) 

Landscape in the Mist (3rd Run)



Third-run based on the same-named production in 2012. Adapted from Shu Hong-sing’s short novel, “The Fog”. 


23 - 24 May 2014


Longhua Cultural Arts Centre, Shenzhen




2013 Beijing Fringe Festival

The Mariana Trench (3rd Run)



A re-run based on the production in 2011.


20 - 22 Sept 2013


National Theatre of China, Beijing






2012 Beijing Fringe Festival –

Landscape In The Mist (Re-run)



A re-run based on the same-named production in 2010, adapted from Shu Hong-sing’s short novel, “The Fog”.


11 - 13 Sept 2012


Trojan House Theatre, Beijing











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