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【Reschedule of Programme】

The 3 performances of Practice of Zen by Theatre Ronin scheduled on 1-3 May 2020 (Fri-Sun) at Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre will be rescheduled until further notice. We will later announce the programme arrangement through this facebook page.

Practice of Zen

Farewell mountains     Farewell rivers    Farewell my tears

Nation changes, Mount Shu stands.

The Story of Swordsman from Mount Shu was written by Li Shoumin. Born in the Republic of China, he wrote about a world of Xuanhuan Wuxia, captivated millions who found themselves in troubled times.


In the 80s, on a roof webbed with fish bone antenna, a kid with his superhero blanket cape was brought to a realm of Wuxia he longed for, by a leaf.

He took in all the tangling of impermanence with resentment, lust with karma, in the martial world. With one light slash he was back, but thousands of years have passed.


Practice of ZEN brings the spirit of Wuxia in contemporary theatrical language. Not a fairytale for grownups, Wuxia is a medium to evoke thinking between the personal and the social.


Continuing the creative spirit and form of Hoichi the Earless, Theatre Ronin recreates folklore and contemporary emotional landscape.


A practice of ZEN awaits you.


Director/Scriptwright /Set Design       Tam Hung Man Alex

Performer                               Leung Ho Pong

                                        Chiu Lo Yin

                                        Musette Tsang

                                        Chan Ting Hin Henry

                                        Karen Chan

                                        Cheung Lee Hung Holmes

Lighting Design                         Zoe Cheung

Music and Sound Design                  Maj Chan

Costume Design                          Cindy Ho

Producer                                Lam Pik Chi Jessie

Promotion Graphic Design                Leung Tsz Fung

Promotion Photo                         Fung Wai Sun

Stage Manager                           Carvid Ngai

Deputy Stage Manager                    Chong Hiu Ting

Assistant Stage Manager                 Ng Wing Cheung

Program is subject to change with the presenter's announcement as final. 

The presenter reserves the right to change the program and substitute speakers.

Program Enquiries   3971 0831 /

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