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Theatre Ronin



Theatre Ronin is founded by its artistic director Alex Tam Hung Man in 2006 and is currently a recipient of Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s three-year grant.


Theatre Ronin forges its touken by bestowing the vastitude of fine sceneries in the human realm; through the use of highly romantic imageries on stage, it endeavours to preserve the world’s reminiscent beauty before its aurae vanish in the New Media Age.


Dedicated to exploring contemporary theatrical language and the aesthetics of ‘Theatre of Imagery’ and creating a distinctively imaginative performing style, Theatre Ronin’s theatrical works stemmed from varied source materials, as well as the culture and literature of Hong Kong.  Many of its works are invited to various drama festivals in Argentina, Taiwan and China.


Taking two local literary works, Chan Koon-chung’s Hong Kong Trilogy and Dung Kai-cheung’s Androgyny, as its point of departure, the two-year project “Sculpting the CITY – Connecting the theatre with Hong Kong literature” attempts to explore the here-and-now of Hong Kong through texts of the past and will close by a presentation of the city’s future in the theatre. The project began in November 2014, and is comprised of various activities that include public talks, online collection campaigns, guided appreciation, dialogue with the authors and stage performance.


As a Community Cultural Ambassador of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 2009, Theatre Ronin created a series of theatre works, exhibitions and workshops for the community to explore local culture. From 2012 to 2013, the group was invited by Hong Kong Arts Centre to create 5 new theatre pieces about Wan Chai, for the centre’s curation of “Arts Xperience”, a programme which later received a Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Arts Promotion in 2013.


Landscape in the Mist (2014)    Photo by Paul Chan

Organizational Structure


Artistic Director: Tam Hung-man, Alex

Convener of Performing Study: Kwok Tsz-wan

Executive Director: Lam Pik-chi, Jessie

Program Manager:  Lam Wing-Sze, Sissy

Administrative Assistant: Lam Wai-Fan


Dramaturg: Dr Lin Kehuan

Literary Consultant: Dung Kai-cheung

Hong Kong Culture consultant: Prof. Chu-Yiu Wai

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