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Theatre Ronin — Theatre is Touken


In the Mood for Red  (2022)    Photo by Fung Wai Sun

Theatre Ronin is founded by its artistic director Alex Tam Hung Man in 2006 and is currently a recipient of Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s three-year grant.

Theatre Ronin forges its touken (sword in Japanese) by bestowing the vastitude of fine sceneries in the human realm; through the use of highly romantic imageries on stage, it endeavours to preserve the world’s reminiscent beauty before its aurora vanish in the New Media Age.

Dedicated to exploring contemporary theatrical language and the aesthetics of ‘Theatre of Imagery’ and creating a distinctively imaginative performing style, Theatre Ronin’s theatrical works stemmed from varied source materials, as well as the culture and literature of Hong Kong and the world, creating thought-provoking theatrical works with humanistic concerns. Many of its works are invited to various arts festivals in Argentina, China, France, Taiwan and U.K.


Past Production:


Burmese Days (Re-run, Hong Kong)


​Landscape in the Mist (5th Run, Shenzhen)

Love & Samsara (3rd Run, Hong Kong)

Love & Samsara (2nd Run, Taipei)

Vinyāsa。Śūnyatā (Cantonese operatic Theatre)



Beyond This Time

Love & Samsara (1st Run, Taichung)

Theatre Movie: A Many-Splendoured Thing (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival)

Burmese Days (1st Run, Hong Kong)

Immersive Literature Theatre: Xi Xi Maria

Theatre Movie: Hoichi the Earless 2.0



Theatre Movie: Hoichi the Earless2.0 (Urban Festival)

Theatre Ronin 15th Anniversary performance: Three Colours Trilogy II Narrative Musical Theatre In the Mood for Red

Theatre Movie: Practice of ZEN (Hong Kong premiere and was one of the “Highly Recommended shortlist of finalists” of Asian Arts Award in 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival)



Narrative Music Theatre: Aquamarine

Hoichi the Earless (4th Run, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Fallen (Re-run)

Wilderness of Soul 2.0 (2nd Run, Urban Festival)


A Many-Splendoured Thing (Tai Kwun project, Hong Kong)

Twilight series - Hoichi the Earless (2nd Run in Hong Kong, 3rd Run on Festival Off d’Avignon Arts Festival)

Twilight series - Playing with Xi Xi (3rd Run)


Hoichi the Earless (1st Run)

Fallen (1st Run)

Playing with Xi Xi (Hong Kong premiere; won 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival Best Space Award)

Forget him/her/it (M+, Hong Kong)



Nature (adapted from Androgyny by Dung Kai-cheung; Hong Kong premiere and 2016 Kuandu Arts Festival Re-run)

Silent Scream – Mother Courage & her Children on the Beach (Taipei)

Landscape in the Mist (adapted from The Fog by Shu Hong Sing; 2016 International Performing Arts Festival Bahia Teatro)



Sentimental K (adapted from Hong Kong Trilogy by Chan Koon-chung; Hong Kong premiere and 2015 Theatre Works of Outstanding Youth, Beijing)

A Girl Like Me (The 8th Taipei Fringe Festival)​

Wilderness of Soul 2.0 (1st Run, Urban Festival)



Sew & Soul

Memorandum: 10 years. Han. Xiao

Landscape in the Mist (The 1st China City Theatre Festival)​


P.E. Period 2.0

The Mariana Trench (3rd Run, Beijing)​


Landscape in the Mist (Beijing Fringe Festival)

My P.E. Period

Searching for Da Vinci


True man show in showroom (Re-run)​

The Mariana Trench since 1960s (Re-run)​


Wilderness of Soul

Landscape in the Mist (2010 Hong Kong premiere)​



The Mariana Trench ​ (Hong Kong premiere)​



Organizational Structure


Artistic Director: Tam Hung-man, Alex

Executive Director: Lam Pik-chi, Jessie

Administration Assistant: Lam Wai-fan

Arts Administration Trainee: Sylvia Lai#

#2023/24 The Arts Talents Internship Matching Programme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Dramaturg: Dr. Lin Ke-huan
Literary Consultant: Dung Kai-cheung
Hong Kong Culture consultant: Prof. Chu Yiu-wai Stephen

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