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Reviews of A Many-Splendoured Thing
C Venues Reviews
26,27 August 2022
//I especially loved the scene with the tragedy and comedy mask. It’s such a creative and intimate way of expressing emotion. Not to mention, it’s kind of disturbing looking at those masks for a long period of time so it really adds interesting contrast and makes for a complex and intriguing production. //

//The individual components of this piece were poetic, and beautiful and proved immense talent. Though despite being moving to watch in their parts, I struggled slightly to connect the dots and engage with the piece as a whole. //

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Review: Practice of Zen (online)
24 May 2022
//Practice of Zen considers the traditions, practicality, sensuality, and strength of swordplay and resilience. Performed in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles, this piece by Theatre Ronin of Hong Kong brings back the spirit of Wuxia through folkore and emotional connection..//

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