Hochi the Earless
Hochi the Earless
Playing with Xixi
Playing with Xixi
Playing with Xixi
Nature: Photo by Fung Wai Sun
Nature: Photo by Fung Wai Sun
Nature: Photo by Fung Wai Sun
Sentimental K: Photo by keith hiro
Sentimental K: Photo by keith hiro
Sew & Soul: Photo by Carmen So
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Practice of ZEN: Director’s cut
2021 World Premiere


In Cantonese with Chinese & English surtitle


The Story of Swordsman from Mount Shu was written by Li Shoumin. Born in the Republic of China, he wrote about a world of Xuanhuan Wuxia, captivated millions who found themselves in troubled times.

In the 80s, on a roof webbed with fish bone antenna, a kid with his superhero blanket cape was brought to a realm of Wuxia he longed for, by a leaf.

He took in all the tangling of impermanence with resentment, lust with karma, in the martial world. With one light slash he was back, but thousands of years have passed.

Practice of ZEN brings the spirit of Wuxia in contemporary theatrical language. Not a fairytale for grownups, Wuxia is a medium to evoke thinking between the personal and the social.

Pandemic halts shows but not creativity and artistry. Theatre Ronin strives to innovate and capture moments of sincerity. We invite you to be our witness as performers relive the tale.

2021.4.16 Fri 8pm

Hong Kong City Hall Concert hall


Theatre Ronin 15th Anniversary:

In the Mood for Red

Director, Text, Starring, Co-Visual design: TAM Hung Man, Alex
Creative support:Aubrey KWOK
Music Director, Live music: Anna LO
Live photography, performer:FUNG Wai Sun
Singer: Cheryl YUNG
Lighting designer: Mousey TSE
Sound designer: LEUNG Po Wing
Co-Visual designer: Sally IP
Image technology consultant: SHING Pok Man
Producer: LAM Pik Chi, Jessie
Assistant Producer: Sissy LAM
Production and Stage Manager: Chocolate HUNG
Deputy Stage Manager: Nancy LEE

4.30 - 5.1/2021 8pm
5.1 - 5.2/2021 3pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre​