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Creative Manager: Wong Man-ho, Freddy

Wong Man-ho, Freddy, is the Creative Manager of Theatre Ronin. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Directing and Master Degree in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University. He is an experienced theatre director, actor, playwright and dramaturg. Freddy likes to explore the possibilities of using jazz improvisations and blues in the theatre.



His scriptwriting and directed works include Sew & Soul, The Mariana Trench (3rd run), 2013 International Arts Carnival – ‘Legend of the Ocean: La La & the Litter Castle’) by Theatre Ronin. The Tale of H15, Edges by Musical Trio. Romeo and Harriet, Alice and the Little Golden Book, Bye Bye Cinderella,A Kidsummer Night’s Dream by Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute.Happy Days Toy Shop by Fantasy Puppet Theatre. Teen Wave, Tino / Am / used, Wild At Soul, Novel Trilogy by Class 7A Drama Group. i-City by 33rd Hong Kong Arts Festival. Crow Crow Show, A Life Journey, A Happy Scarecrow, Father & Mother I Love U, That’s What Friends Are For, Monster Family, Journey of the Car by Jumbo Kids Theatre.






Directed works include Searching for Da Vinci (co-directed),Landscape in the Mist (co-directed), Goodman of Chaozhou and Nanyang Fantasia by Theatre Ronin. That Summer, Seven and Death (Frist run, re-run, touring version, Shanghai Version) by Class 7A Drama Group. Town Musicians and School Detective 2 in 1 Series @ E G Crisis by Jumbo Kids Theatre. American Buffalo by Lo’s Production. Moomin Valley-The Dream Stealers by Spring-Time Creative Media; Loving Teresa by The Spring-Time Group; Milano vs Lewin by Springtime Experimental Theatre. Open Air Concert – In Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Public of China and the 10th Anniversary of the Macao Handover by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macau (executive director).

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